Basements and attics are two of the most economical sources of new living space, and Cumming Construction excels at maximizing the potential of these often daunting layouts.

Water is always the primary consideration when converting an unfinished basement to an office, bedroom, living room, playroom or home theater, and we use several techniques — French drains, sump pumps, hydraulic cement and moisture sealants — to ensure a dry and comfortable living space. Attic and basement projects almost always require relocation of ductwork, piping and wiring without losing essential headroom, and we use only the most conscientious and resourceful sub-contractors to work with us through this process. Digging out city basements by hand to increase headroom is certainly labor intensive, but the results are always well worth the effort.

“We love the work you and your crew did here for us. The new basement seems so much more open than before. Also, thank you for cleaning up each day as the job progressed — we appreciate the cleanliness of your workers.” — Stella and Steve, Pottstown, PA