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Green Thoughts on Your Home Remodeling

As the world continues to become more complicated with wildfire smog and water quality scares it is important to think about the positive ways you can keep your family healthy and safe. Our blog theme often focuses on “Practically Green”, hoping to share affordable options for our home improvement and remodeling clients in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Some green thoughts with that in mind…

Windows are a good place to start… Whether you are replacing your old windows or adding smart windows to a new addition. ENERGY STAR® qualified ‘Low-E’ windows can help you reduce your energy usage and bill by up to 15%. Also think about bringing in the sun with Skylights or Sun Tubes to bring in heat all year and these options can save money for as long as you own your house.

Insulate Your Walls. There are many new materials and even some newer methods to better insulate your home. Here in Southeastern PA this can make a big difference as far as energy use and lowering your monthly expenses. The rates on energy have gone up a lot, maybe it is time to explore not only your energy savings but the new green options for the long term good for our environment as well. When you are planning a new addition or remodeling project taking into consideration the proper insulation is very important to future comfort, energy efficiency and quite often return on investment.  

Plumbing Efficiency and Whole House Water Filters. There are many plumbing upgrades that can help regulate water pressure throughout the system from the water coming in, heating and transport of the water as well as high efficiency faucets and water heaters. With recent scares in water quality a whole house water filter can provide safe and water for every aspect of your life and reduce the need for bottled water, use a reusable bottle from your clean tap water system.

You may also want to consider air quality in your home, recent wildfires from Canada have made it obvious that having a refuge for air quality is critical for many people. There are electrostatic air cleaners to help eliminate many of these airborne threats as well as the standard pollen and mold. Options are available to focus room by room or whole house solutions.

There are many ‘Green Thoughts’ already out there for energy efficient appliances, HVAC, Lighting, and use of solar for landscaping, etc. We just wanted to share a few to keep you thinking “Practically Green” as we continue to build this world together, as a community.

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