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Top 5 Tips for Home Remodeling & Renovations

Plan Your Project!

Do your best to think through all the options that will help you customize your home either for your best usage or best return on value. Work with your contractor early to discuss the project and plan out the end project before you start. There are often hidden obstacles that may need you to adapt and make further decisions later, but having a plan in place can significantly reduce the time for the project to reach completion and work towards the remodel for your house that meets your needs.

Budget with a Cushion

While most contractors do their best to give you an accurate estimate, there are frequently higher costs due to hidden flaws in the house, supply shortages, etc. A good rule of thumb is to have at least 10% above the quoted price in case of those factors or if you want to add more custom features once you get started.

Discuss and Set Timelines

Set realistic expectations on your renovation project. Discuss the expected timelines for various stages of the remodel and what to expect for shipping and delivery on key materials. As above with the budget you want to set the renovation completion date with at least a few extra days to address unexpected issues. This is especially true if one of the reasons for the remodel is to have it done by a certain date for special events in life, like weddings, births, parents / or in-laws moving in, etc.

Open Concept – is it for everyone?

You hear a common theme on many home-improvement and real estate TV shows: Open Design or “Open Concept”

Open concept refers to the elimination of barriers such as walls and doors that traditionally separated distinct functional areas. In residential design, this typically means that walls and doors do not exist in and between functional areas such as the kitchen, dining room and living room. In an open-concept floor plan, walls are scarce and private spaces are rare.

The assumption is that people want to be in their kitchen and be able to see their children and/or party guests. Remember your guests can also see any mess or hear your expletives when things go wrong.  Also, the higher the ceiling the better. Think about why you are doing this renovation and if those are factors that matter to you, one way or the others. We have clients that actually like to keep some privacy for their home structure. Having a higher ceiling also can add significantly towards a higher heating bill.

Who are you Renovating for Primarily?

If you plan on being in your home to and through retirement, then any renovation is worthwhile that adds to your convenience and enjoyment of life. However, if you plan on selling the house in 5-10 years then you may need to consider what your renovation is and if you will be able to sell your house for maximum profit. Often you won’t know what the market will be like when you want to sell, often you will need to modernize your house to make sure it gets attention and garners offers. You also want to use common sense and know your neighborhood, if you are in a section known to have many young children, you may not want to remove all the bathtubs and put in all spa showers. If the renovation is for you in the long-term you may want to think ahead and make sure you have everything you need to live on one floor, even if you don’t use it as much in the near-term.

Whether you need a new home office addition, downstairs bathroom, kitchen remodel, or any other home improvement to improve the enjoyment and use of your home…Cumming Construction would be proud to work with you to make the home of your dreams closer to reality. Contact us at 610-519-0245 or [email protected].

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